Group of children with hands in the air
So…. by about now you are probably getting the “I’m bored…what can we do?” or are just so preoccupied with keeping your kids busy that you can’t wait for school to start.  Following some of these healthy tips can at least help make the school year hassle free.

Being organised is the key to any healthy diet. Having things chopped and prepared ahead of time and snacks and meals pre-cooked can make it a lot easier to choose more wisely. It’s so easy to just shove the lunch box full of packet convenience foods but that does nothing for the nutrient requirements of a growing child and will often make them eat more and have less energy and low concentration and focus for the day ahead.

Start with a good breakfast!

Kids who skip breakfast find it harder to concentrate and may not focus or be interested in learning so it’s important to get the best start. Rolled oats with honey and blueberries and cinnamon is the perfect choice but not everyone’s cup of tea. Perhaps try making breakfast muffins with apple and rolled oats and wheatgerm for an ‘on the go’ meal. Or alternatively a quick and easy fruit and milk/nut milk smoothie can be made the night before and shaken up in the morning ready to drink.

Eat lunch or play?

Most kids want to be the first to the playground so lunch will often be the thing that comes home uneaten but if it’s at least attractive, tasty and always different you are in with a chance!  Choose whole foods for the lunchbox so there are plenty of nutrients for the rest of the day. Cut up veggie sticks and rice paper rolls or spelt wraps that can be put together in a flash. For the hard to please, a zucchini slice or savoury muffin is a great way to hide some veggies, eaten cold with a boiled egg and some carrot sticks or cold sweet potato chips. Use whole wheat, rye or spelt bread or gluten free and vary the fillings for a sandwich that won’t get boring. Chicken and avocado, Ham and salad, egg and spinach with whole egg mayo or a little salad jar with a can of tuna for the not so fussy eaters. Home-made pinwheels or cheesey-mite scrolls make for a fast filler upper.

Snacks should include some fruit, fruit can be frozen and added to yoghurt to help it stay cold. Veggie sticks with some dip or peanut butter, home-made muesli bars or protein balls for extra energy. Popcorn especially when made at home is a good alternative to cheesey, artificially flavoured chips, or choose plain potato chips or vege chips. A banana is a power packed snack in its own package!


There is no better drink to quench thirst and body and brain cells than good old H2O. No other drink has what it takes, plain and simple but sometimes a frozen Hydralyte or Gastrolyte icypole can be added for a morning treat to rehydrate on a hot day or for when they arrive home in the afternoon. Make sure there is plenty of water or access to fresh water for a thirsty active child, it’s just so important. Our brains need water to keep them in good shape!

Get your children involved in the cooking and preparing and even shopping or growing food, when they have an input they feel more in control, just avoid the junk food aisle of the supermarket!

Getting a broad range of fruits, vegetables, whole-grains and proteins is the best way to keep your child energised and focused for the long school day but also getting adequate sleep without too much pre-bed screen time is extremely important to the child and to a parent’s sanity.  If your child is anxious and doesn’t sleep well you can also try the calming and restorative Australian Bush Flower Essences and techniques like EFT (emotional freedom technique) or tapping as a great stress release and the kids love using this when they can’t sleep or are worried.

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