Learning difficulties and behavioural problems

Behavioural and Learning Difficulties

Is your child’s behaviour becoming a problem? Do you suspect your child has a learning difficulty? Are they able to maintain their focus and concentrate? At Somerville Chiropractic we want all children to reach their full potential and are committed to achieving this.

We all want the best for our children

Behavioural and Learning Difficulties

Helping our children to grow and develop both mentally and physically should always be a parent’s priority.

Even children that have no confirmed behavioural diagnosis, struggle with various aspects of cognitive function, judgement, memory, language development and problem solving. We must start asking ourselves the question, is there something we are missing when caring for our kids?

What often contributes to a child’s decreased focus, poor concentration and even learning difficulties is their inability to switch off from distractions and let the brain quieten down. Some children find this incredibly challenging.

Where to begin…

Essentially, as parents we need to get the basics right. All children need to exercise and really exert themselves for short periods of time. They also need 10-12 hours sleep and eat a diet that contains whole foods and quality protein at every meal. Water should also be encouraged.

How to help behavioural problems?

Behavioural and Learning Difficulties

Behavioural problems or problems when learning are not a life sentence. There are definitely things you can do to improve the concentration and cognitive function of your child. Our Naturopath/Nutritionist will look at a child’s genetic profile and identify the need for specific supplements such as vitamin and iodine. These two supplements are essential for healthy brain development and are commonly deficient in children in Australia. We can try to help alleviate the causes of behavioural or learning difficulties by offering the correct dietary advice and supporting supplements.


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