Over a third of people will suffer from some kind of insomnia at some point of their life.

However only a few will ever seek any form of treatment for it. So if you are someone that has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, you may be suffering with insomnia.

What is causing your insomnia?


At Somerville Chiropractic, we would prefer our patients to avoid sleeping medication and fully investigate the cause of the insomnia. If there are natural effective solutions to better sleep then we think this is a far better option for you. The causes of the insomnia, maybe your diet, an altered circadian rhythm, illness, your emotional state or even a lack of exercise.

Is there something more complex, which may be causing your insomnia?


In order for our Naturopath to work out what is causing the insomnia, certain tests may be ordered including a stress test, a sleeping hormone test and a food sensitivity test. These tests will give better insight into the balance of stress hormones within your body.

We understand there are many other conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, excessive weight gain and other metabolic disorders that can influence the balance of your stress hormones.

How Somerville Chiropractic may help!


By utilising the broad range of practitioners within our group, we will work collaboratively together to help relieve your symptoms and have you sleeping better in no time.


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