At Somerville Chiropractic we know men often neglect their own health, thinking everything will be just fine, I don’t need to see anyone. We all know how wrong this attitude is, and that men have a host of health issues that need to be managed over their lifetime. That is why we have a Men’s Health Check consultation specifically to identify any potential health problems before they become symptomatic.

Lets put your health in your control

In the world we live in, there is little wonder men are at significant risk to developing a range of conditions affecting their quality of life. Decreased energy, digestive problems, hormone imbalance and weight gain are just some of the conditions brought about because of poor lifestyle choices, specifically in how we eat, we move and we think.

To help us understand any underlying health issues, our Naturopath may look at a number of diagnostic tests; including:

  • Your nutritional status
  • Your blood pressure
  • Your cholesterol level
  • Your cardiovascular risk


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