At Somerville Chiropractic we know the pressures of modern 21st century living can seem overwhelming at times leading to a feeling of hopelessness, anxiety and stress.

There are many different types of stress, there is posture and alignment stress, nutritional stress, emotional stress, lack of exercise or energy expenditure stress. The accumulation of all these stresses add up to what is called allostatic load of stress.

The problem being, when your body is under stress it physiologically adapts to cope with the stress it is under. The more stress, the more it adapts to help neutralise the stress. This works to a point, however if the body is continually adapting and trying to neutralise the effects of the stress continually, it becomes to fatigue. It cant keep up and this is when you may notice symptoms beginning to present. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, headaches, feeling tired, aching joints etc. At some point your body will break down if there are not checks and balances along the way. That is when anxiety and outward symptoms of stress can appear.

Finding the cause of your stress or anxiety

Stress and Anxiety

Taking medication to treat your anxiety or stress never gets to the cause of the problem. The medication is trying to palliate the cries of help from the body, which is saying I am not working well, you need to address what is causing the stress. Not cover up the symptom and let the stress in your life to continue.

All our Practitioners understand stress and the effect stress has on the body and we have the expertise and tools to help you decrease the causes of stress in your life. By addressing nutritional choices and lifestyle choices we will formulate a stress management program that is right for you and not too onerus to implement.


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