At Somerville Chiropractic our number one priority is your health… and it should be yours as well.

Too often we have seen people who think they are well, suddenly die or become extremely sick.

How could this be? How can we see if we are as healthy as we think we are?

That is why our clinic has implemented a Health Risk Assessment, which is the worlds first health measurement that assesses all aspects of your past, present and future lifestyle habits. The data collected is analyzed to determine your current and future health and your expected quality of life going forward.

What will my Health Risk Assessment say?

Health Risk Assessment

For those without a diagnosed illness or symptoms, the Health Risk Assessment can identify who is at risk of illness or disease before they even experience it, which is truly preventative.

If you are unwell, suffering from a chronic illness or just not sure where your health sits right at this moment, the Health Risk Assessment will provide insight and understanding around how your past and present lifestyle choices and environments have increased the allostatic load of stress on your body. It will also identify the areas where improvement is needed to bring about a better health outcome. Basically it will show you what you need to do to make yourself healthier.

The majority of people suffering with fatigue can seek effective relief through the use natural therapies, supplementation and a change in their lifestyle choices.

The 90 Day Wellness Plan

Health Risk Assessment

Give us 90 days and we will show you the path to a life of wellness!

There are no magic solutions. The foundational principles of health do not change. If we eat, move and think in ways that are congruent with the genetic requirements as a human, the body will express its healthiest structure and function.

The 90 day wellness plan has a strong focus on education, teaching you what to do, when to do it and how to do it.


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