At Somerville Chiropractic we understand the importance of nutrition if you want to be healthy.

These days it is too easy and convenient to eat foods that are non nutritious and totally incongruent to the genetic requirements of the body. We always have to remember that just because its convenient and a lot of people eat these foods that it doesn’t make it right.

Ever wondered why your energy levels fall in the afternoon, or why you can never shift those last 5 kilograms despite exercising vigorously? Perhaps you always feel bloated, pass a lot of wind, or have an upset stomach especially after certain foods? These symptoms are your body’s way of letting you know, what you are eating, just isn’t cutting it. Your nutrition isn’t what it should be and needs to improve.

Lets get back to basics


We can derive everything we need nutritionally through nature. Essentially human’s today are the equivalent of wild animals living in captivity. Ask yourself, does an animal, taken out of its natural environment and placed into captivity get healthier or sicker in captivity? Have you ever seen an overweight giraffe or an obese oompala in the wild? Of course not because animals in the wild eat only what they are genetically designed to eat, local, raw, organic whole foods in the form nature intended.

Remember animals don’t go on crash diets, they don’t do cleanses, they don’t supplement, they don’t do anything other than provide their bodies with the raw materials nature intended. So put down that doughnut, and refuse that soft drink and read on …

If there is a health food section in your supermarket, what does that make the rest of the food?


Think about it, is it any wonder we are getting fatter and unhealthier every year. Is it any wonder chronic illness rates are rising exponentially every year. We now live in a society where people don’t want to believe or don’t understand the lifestyle choices they make on a daily basis have a direct effect on their health. We take medication to cover up the effects of poor lifestyle choices. We eat foods our body would normally reject by taking antacids. We feed our kids brightly coloured foods, high in sugar and wonder why their concentration is terrible and they need medication to lessen the effects of poor behaviour. It’s time to think rationally and eat the way we are designed to.

Nutrition education is a life-long skill that will benefit you and your family


Our bodies are designed to be healthy. We are not born to be sick and unwell. However if we toxify our body with foods and stresses that are totally incongruent to the genetic requirements of the body then we will become unwell and unhealthy. We can find all the nutrients we require from whole foods, foods you don’t need to unwrap, foods you don’t need to read what is in it, it’s that simple.

Our Dietitian will provide you with the understanding on the importance of these real foods, we will provide transitioning strategies to help you implement the changes required for you to improve your health and strike a new balance. Whether that’s to help with poor sleep, low mood or digestive health. Its what your body deserves and what your body requires.


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