New patients usually come to their first visit armed with plenty of questions and we really enjoy teaching them about Chiropractic care and its benefits.  We seem to hear many of the same questions and concerns so we’ve compiled a list of 5 commonly heard Chiropractic ‘myths’ to help you understand Chiropractic better and help you feel confident choosing Chiropractic care for you and your family.
Chiropractors Crack Your Bones

Myth #1: Chiropractors Crack Your Bones

Chiropractors adjust the spine; they do not ‘crack bones’.  An adjustment of the spine involves a high velocity, low amplitude movement.  Sometimes you may hear a popping sound, which is the release of an air bubble from the joint rather than the bone being cracked.  Restoration of the joint space occurs with each adjustment to improve movement and neural function.
Chiropractic Is Not Good For Children

Myth #2: Chiropractic Is Not Good For Children

Spinal misalignments can occur regardless of age.  Whilst children are growing their spine and musculoskeletal system is even more susceptible to injury or damage since they are yet to establish the muscle memory or motor control to protect them from trauma.  A Chiropractor can assess your child’s spine to help prevent small acute injuries from developing into chronic conditions down the track.
Chiropractic Care Is Expensive

Myth #3: Chiropractic Care Is Expensive

Once the body begins to adapt and position itself correctly, Chiropractic intervention becomes less frequent.  Long term Chiropractic patients come to understand how their body should feel, know how much more energetic and productive they are after an adjustment, and look forward to their ‘tune up’.  Most people service their cars regularly to ensure they run at their best, why wouldn’t you service the one of the most important parts of your body – your spine!
Adjustments Are Painful

Myth #4: Adjustments Are Painful

If pain is experienced during a Chiropractic consultation is most commonly felt at the beginning when the Chiropractor is palpating or ‘scanning’ over the spine, feeling for misalignment or subluxations.  This pain is a response to the increased pressure on the spinal nerve, which indicates the need to be adjusted.  The actual adjustment itself does not produce pain.  In fact, it encourages movement at that particular spinal level to reduce the occurrence of pain at that site.
Neck Adjustments Cause Stroke

Myth #5: Neck Adjustments Cause Stroke

There is no scientific evidence that there is an increased risk of any serious event following a Chiropractic adjustment.  Current research suggests that the change of having a stroke from a Chiropractic adjustment is about 1 in 8,000,000.  Research into the safety of Chiropractic care has demonstrated that there is no evidence of excess risk of stroke associated with Chiropractic care compared to other forms of health care, so rest assured that you are in great hands!

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